Arlie Moore Campground at DeGray Lake (HOT SPRINGS, AR)

Leg two: Caruthersville, Missouri to Houston, Texas

January 22 – 24

(Caruthersville, MO to Hot Springs, AR)

Arlie Moore campground at DeGray Lake

I-55 South

I-40 West

I-30 West

Highway 7 North

The campground looks a lot like the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, but without the low temperatures.  After  setting up camp and watching a wonderful sunset, we found the iron ranger and decided to pay for two nights.  What a great place for bird watching.  As we are new to bird watching, we didn’t identify many. We saw cardinals, blue birds, woodpeckers and a family of 5 large turkey vultures.  I haven’t found a website for easy identification yet. We hiked around the by the shore and saw two beavers and a heron.  We ran the hill by out campsite 3 times and checked out the showers.  The comfort station is ok at best, but it allowed us to save tank space in the 5th wheel. We were definitely the largest RV in the place.  It seemed as though that DeGray Lake is mostly used for fishing this time of the year. The weather was perfect; warm and sunny. Arlie Moore campground on DeGray Lake is our most favorite campground thus far.


It seems that most of the campgrounds listed on the website are closed for the winter, but we were lucky enough to find Arlie Moore open and for $12 bucks a night with electric. How could we pass that up?!  The DeGray Lake RV Resort started at $20.00 for water and electric and then went up to $30.00 to add sewer. Yikes!

The registration house was closed when we arrived so we had to find the iron ranger. It took some time to find the iron ranger, but it is located between sites 50 and 51. (see link of map below)

The paved sites were short and the slant towards the water made it hard to level.  Our fridge’s check light came on once.


The US army corps of engineers built  these campgrounds some time ago, but the comfort stations have flush toilets and warm showers. There is also a dump station near the entrance and boat ramp.  The dump station was a tight squeeze and the rinsing hose was not on or hooked to water.  We did top off the fresh water tank. On the bright side, we saved some space in the tanks.

LOCATION: 4/5 (for winter)

From I-30 we turned north on Hwy 7 and due to the closures we drove almost 45 miles around the lake.  The website was not clear about closures and we only found out when met with a closed gate. We can’t blame the campground for the website, now can we ?!


Hiking trails and access to the lake. Pets must be leashed and are not allowed in the comfort stations.


This is definitely the best place we have stayed so far, hands down.  It was so quiet except for the birds, but they live there and we are invading them, right?!  We had access to the lake and we picked a spot close to but not on top of the comfort station and we had electricity.  It was beautiful in the winter, I could only imagine what it looks like in the spring or the summer.  We are only two weeks into our road trip and we still have so much more to see!

Lake DeGray

Lake DeGray


Ally and I headed up the hill

Ally and I headed up the hill






A birder’s paradise! Chris took over 300 pictures and it was hard to pick just a few!


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