Carlsbad Caverns BLM Boondocking

Here we are (at 32.040596, -104.457908) off the National Park hwy 62 and our first official boon dock site.  It is just us and the land.  Or is it just us, the land and the occasional oil truck. Eh whatever, it’s completely free.  We are back in our original home base, New Mexico.  Staying one week to explore the area and summit Guadalupe Peak in Texas.

I’ve also reworked my rating system.  I’ll go back and fix the other parks’ ratings.  I think my system made it impossible to get a good score, when one was deserved and was a bit harsh.


Initially I used to find camping in southeastern NM then I clicked on the link: for specific information.  It is all there; price, road type, RV length, max stay, site type, and coordinates.  On the main site there are some reviews of different campsites.


There are no facilities, but the site is level, large and has a fire ring. We were able to drive in and turn around with little to no difficulty.  The 5th wheel tires did move some soft sand out of the way on the sharp turn around a medium sized shrub.


We are very close to 32.040596 N, 104.457908 W just off National Park Hwy 62/180.  We can see the highway, but as of yet can’t hear the highway.  This location puts us just an hour North of Guadalupe Mountain, 4 miles north of the Carlsbad Caverns entrance and maybe 8ish miles south of White City.


This one is hard to say.  Ally hasn’t found a single goat head, but there are some small, prickly low lying bushes. One we relocated to get the 5th wheel into this site.  Ally has plenty of space to run and play. This will be a good opportunity to work on commands, like coming when she is called and wait.  No official trails, just the gravel road we took to the site and old roads.


It is mostly sunny, warm, about 60° and windy.  We might be able to hear the highway without the wind, but even then hwy 62/180 is not well traveled.  In the end, this site is free, we aren’t squeezed in next to another RV, and we can see for miles in every direc

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