5 Star Mobile Home Park: Chandler, Arizona

After the Hot Well Dunes we headed to Chandler, Arizona a suburb of Phoenix.  The main goals of this stop are to see friends, recharge batteries, laundry, empty tanks,  and run errands (Blanca’s first oil change at Ford and groceries). 




The park has flat, back in sites and for $150 for the week we have electricity, sewer and water.  Unfortunately, we are packed in like sardines and E Chandler Blvd is very busy. We had just enough space to get Chris’ motorcycle out.  This park will serve our needs for the week, but it is no boon dock site that’s for sure.

Interesting fact:  The RV park manager/owner is pretty young the residents are also young.


Chandler is a fine suburb for grocery stores, fast food, car dealerships, etc.  It was very difficult to find a RV park within an appropriate distance to our friends. We are still driving about an hour to Laveen to see friends and 30 to 45 minutes to Phoenix.


While everyone has pets, including cats, rabbits and dogs; there is really no pet area.  Ally has had trouble with each new place and this place has too many new smells.  As per Chris’ mother’s suggestion we have started giving Ally pumpkin to help her out.  It seems to be working.

Ally has needed a good run since we stuck her in a truck and drove her all around tar nation, so we found a dog park.  Pecos Rec Center is  about 30 minutes from 5 star RV park. http://phoenix.gov/parks/centers/pecoscc/index.html


Just as Comanche Land RV park had exactly what we needed so does 5 Star RV park and that’s about it.

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