Quartzite, AZ

So we made it to the famous  boon docking capital of the world; Quartzsite, Arizona or at least the United States.  Chris and I are happy to have missed the thousands of RVers  that covered Quartzsite  earlier this year. Even though the main event has long been gone, there are still plenty of RVs parked about.  The tents are still up and people are selling their wares. Going on little information, we picked Hi Jolly campground to experience this famous area.  Later after reading some reviews on other blogs, we decided that when we ran out of water or holding tank space we would move to Dome Rock Campground.  BLM owns much of the land in and around Quartzsite, so it is very easy to find free camping.  There are however, many pay RV parks in town and other boon docking sites.




The website has information, but the best information comes from bloggers. We suggest you take a look at:

Wheeling It’s




The nearest place to empty/ fill tanks is at the PIT STOP.  We paid $20 cash to empty our tanks and fill the fresh water. http://rvpitstopaz.com/

Hi Jolly Campground: 3/4

There are no facilities (bathrooms, trash, etc), but the area is flat and spacious.    Even though there was plenty of space we still had close neighbors. We could see almost every RV in the place. Even it is free to camp at Hi Jolly, you will need a permit.  The camp host will issue you a permit for 14 days.

Dome Rock Campground:4/4

There are no facilities (bathroom, trash, etc), but the area is spacious.   Dome Rock is not as flat as Hi Jolly, but that is what so appealing about the area.  It is quite hilly and the flora  is abundant which means we can’t see all of our neighbors.


It’s no dog park, but we can hike and walk with Ally as far as we want to into the desert. Hi Jolly is flat with mountains in the distance, but we are able to camp less than a  mile from the base. We did not summit the Dome Rock, but hiked to the a flat spot just below the top.


The location is great in relation to Quartzsite and for us, our next destination (LA area). Both campgrounds are minutes from gas stations, fast food, funky restaurants, produce stands, and even a dollar store and a Bealls outlet store. Our verizon hot spot works well for internet and our cell phones have great signals.

Hi Jolly: about 3 miles north of town on Hwy 95

Dome Rock: about 3 miles west of town on the I-10 frontage road

OVER ALL RATING:3.5/4 That is a rough calculation since we reviewed two campgrounds.

We are really enjoying Dome Rock Campground.  Our next stop is Fontana/ San Bernardino California (LA area) which is only 3 hours away, so we have decided to extend our stay until Thursday March 21st.  Chris and I have been able to explore on the motorcycles. The weather is warm and the sun is bright. Sometimes we can’t believe it is March out here in the desert.


1. If you have a car/ motorcycle take the Parker Dam drive.  Take HWY 95 north from Quartzsite and it is about an hour round trip.   NO RVs OR TRAILERS ALLOWED OVER THE DAM.  There are plenty of pay RV parks along the river to choose from and even a few $10.00 a night for full hook ups if you would like to be close to the water

2.  Reader’s Oasis Book Store.  Just make time to go there, you won’t be disappointed, surprised maybe , but not disappointed. 😉

3. 47 armed Saguaro Cactus (it is a mystery of where it stands or stood)

4. Quartzite Museum: http://www.quartzsitemuseum.com/index.htm

5. Hi Jolly memorial: http://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/11284

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  1. janice says:

    I imagine California will look lot different than AZ !!!

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