San Bernardino RV park: San Bernardino, Califonia

We left our piece of grass near the Colorado in Blythe, CA for a tiny spot of gravel in San Bernardino, CA with a view of The smoggy  mountains in the San Bernardino National Forest.



The location in terms of driving is fine.  The park is a short drive from I-10. Take exit 74 (Tippeconoe) and then turn left on E. 9th street.  Many restaurants and services near the interstate.  Many homes and a shipping center in the direct area, but nothing in walking distance. We  had another tire issue some where between Blythe and San Bernardino, but it didn’t become a problem while driving.  There is a Camping World 4 miles from the park.


This one is difficult because at first glance this park is immaculate even with old and new RVs throughout the park. The office staff is friendly and accommodating. When the smog lifts you can see the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest. There is a small, but enclosed dog run and a small grass area by the office.  The park has on site bathrooms and showers. The park itself is gated and you need a pass code to enter. The sites are level.

On the other hand it took A LOT of maneuvering to get our 36 foot house into the space  so that the slide wouldn’t hit the tree. All the sites are tight.  After we unhitched we realized that our dump hose wasn’t long enough and that was 2 dump hoses connected.  The dump connections are in the back of each site. Up until this park, our hose has been long enough. We bought a another 10 footer at Camping World for $20. The biggest issue we see with this park is the entrance. While the gate is nice for security, the driveway is very short. Initially, you must dial #000 so that the office staff can open the gate.  Even with a small RV, traffic will be blocked during this process. Just imagine our rig trying to get in the gate for a minute…..=O


Dogs are allowed, but even though the dog run is enclosed it is maybe 15 square feet. Ally is already missing her grassy field in Blythe. We assure her that we will only be here three nights, but then it is on the road again toward another RV park with roughly the dog conditions.  On the bright side; The Columbia River is only feet from the park’s entrance!


Out of the few RV parks in this area, San Bernardino RV park has the best rate at $31/night (Good Sam discount).  We chose this park because we needed a stop over near LA with full hookups for the usual laundry, dumping, showers etc.  More importantly, we are only 30 minutes from Chris’ Aunt. What a bonus! I hear that a visit to the ocean is on the docket.

Sadly our journey in the 5th wheel is coming to an end.  Our next stop will be a quick one at a Walmart or a rest stop in Northern CA or Southern OR on I-5.  It is time that we get up to Portland and get settled.  We will continue the blog, but  it may be with or without the 5th wheel. There are plenty of adventures to be had!

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