Columbia River RV Park: Portland, Oregon

I know it has been some time since the last post regarding Vancouver RV park, but a lot has happened since then. When Chris’ sister isn’t working we are at her house doing yard work or other projects. We also rented a car to drive back to Albuquerque and fetch the rest of our things and finally moved to Columbia River RV park. 

Our final destination of Columbia River RV park had some competition; Janzen Beach Mobile Home/RV Park. Janzen Beach is located on Hayden Island just north of Portland proper.  Hayden Island can almost be considered a suburb of Portland.  Hayden Island has many of the chain businesses like Home Depot, Target, and many restaurants you can find in other states or cities.  In the end Columbia River RV park won because they didn’t care that we are currently unemployed and did not require bank account information for the application.


The website has just about all the information that you need to stay at the park.  It really is beneficial to call ahead or even visit the park if applicable.  Last August we did a drive through and then in December I was able to visit the park and obtain an application via email.  According to the office manager, she felt there would be plenty of space when we arrived in March.  There wasn’t and fortunately Vancouver RV park had space.  All in all, if you are planning an extended stay; get an application and fill it out immediately because you  never know about RVer’s and  how long they might or might not stay.


Columbia River RV Park

10649 NE 13th Ave
Portland, OR 97211

This one is difficult. Columbia River RV park is located in a very industrial area, but the entrance is a matter of 40 yards to the Columbia River.  NE Marine Drive parallels the Columbia River and  very accessible to I-5.  In our case it takes us between 5 and 10 miles to get to the places we need right now: Chris’ sister’s house, Portland Community College, Safeway, Home Depot, Columbia Pool, etc. It is about 1/2 mile to a great multipurpose trail that parallels the Columbia river and a few seafood restaurants.

The Portland International Airport is about 2 miles east of the park and the planes can be loud, but have not kept us from sleeping.

We are still learning a lot about the area… more to come on the location.


Pets are allowed, but there are rules about leashes and aggressive breeds. Good thing we have a Catahoula! The dog area is across the street which can be inconvenient to say the least, but  if you walk your dog regularly it shouldn’t be a problem.  Each spot has a bit a grass that is shared with your neighbor, so that works in pinch.

As was mentioned above there is a great multi-purpose trail 1/2 from the park that leads to Broughton Beach ( under construction until June ).


Every site is level and has full hookups including 30 and 50 amp service.  There is also a on site dump station.  The showers are directly across from the office and include a workout room, multi-purpose room and laundry.  The bathroom codes are changed monthly.

Each site has an 8 ft vent tube for the dump drain. Keep an eye out for it as you park your rig because it can be in the way of windows and slides.

The park is in the process of added more sites to the already 152 site park.   If you have a big rig like us ( 35 ft ) and have up to two cars ask for a site north of the office because the sites are bigger. See the website for more info on pull through sites. Many of the sites are small.

OVERALL RATING: about 3.27/4

Columbia River RV Park will be our home for at least the next year. We have plenty of time to explore and play while we get to know this great city.

FYI: the WiFi doesn’t work through out the park so we recommend getting internet through Century Link or tethering your phone if internet is important to you.

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