Emerald Valley RV Park ~ Jefferson, OR


Well it looks like we will be staying at our last RV park in the 5th wheel.  Ain’t heard no fat lady, but we have sold the 5th wheel. We found a couple who is very excited about  vacationing in a 5th wheel for their retirement.  The contract says that we must deliver the 5th wheel on or before December 1st.  So, we will be joining the rest of the world and become stuck to the land.

Chris finally got offered a job so we moved to Jefferson, Oregon because Emerald Valley RV park was the only RV park in the Salem area that could accommodate us and our rig.  We hoped to move to the Hee hee Illahee RV park in Salem, but they are currently not taking long-term applications. But  of course now it is all moot because we are well on our way to becoming less pikey and a little more settled.

For the time we stayed at Emerald Valley RV Park, it did its job.  It gave a place to keep our home and vehicles while we looked for a place in Salem.  That place could have been another RV, a rental, or even a house.


Location: 2/3

Emerald Valley is located right off I-5 at exit 244.  It is very easy to hop on I-5 and travel North or South with ease, but its roughly 20 minutes to Jefferson proper or 30 minutes to Salem proper.  It is not a bad commute for Chris, but since I’m not taking highways on Whisper (my moto) my commute can be up to 45 minutes to Chemeketa Community College.  On the bright side, my commute mostly consists of winding one lane roads through hilly farm country and one road on the outskirts of Salem.  I think I might miss those roads once we get into town, but I won’t miss the time.  So even though the park is close to I-5, our commute into Salem has not been economical. This is hard to rate.

Pros: Ease of getting on I-5 and scenic area of hills, trees, farmland and if you have children the park is only a 2 miles to The Enchanted Forrest Theme Park see the link below.(http://www.enchantedforest.com/)

Cons: I-5 is loud and for us our commute into Salem has really become annoying.

facilities: 3/3

Flat gravel pull-thrus and backs ins  make a for a quick set up.  The office is conveniently located and includes the keyed entry bathrooms, laundry room, and club house.  Emerald Valley also has propane.  We did not use the bathrooms or the laundry facilities.  In general the park is neat and clean.

Pet friendly:2/3

The park allows dogs and even has a nice grass area.  Of course there are breed restrictions and leash rules, but it seems that the rules are not always followed.  The location is not conducive to taking walks with dogs outside the park.

overall rating: 2.3/3

There are mostly long-term residents at Emerald Valley RV Park, but everyone keeps to themselves and takes care of their rigs.  Chris and I are at the end of our full-time RVing days and look forward to the next adventure.

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