Back in the saddle…

It has been almost four years since we sold our caravan and three years since we bought a house attached to the ground. Even then, we knew that we would never live in an RV again, but we would definitely own some version of a camper in the future. Well the future is upon us, folks, and we have purchased said camper.  After months of striking out on camper after camper, we found one in in Northeastern Washington.  On the eve of our trip back to New Mexico, Chris and Ally drove about 7 hours and veni, vedi, vici! Without room for negotiation, Chris offered top dollar in fear of losing yet another camper.  Chris, Ally and the camper arrived some time after 10:00 PM.  I did a quick clean and loaded the camper, while Chris checked out the mechanics of both Goldie (the truck) and the camper.  On the morning of Friday March 24th, we slept in, registered the camper and hit the road headed for our first stop, Winnemucca, Nevada. Arriving after dark and leaving before the sun came up, Water Canyon didn’t get a picture, but it will get rated.

Website :  Water Canyon BLM Recreation Area

The BLM website appears to be broken…

Location: 9/10

Water Canyon Recreation Area is 4.5 miles southeast of Winnemucca on Water Canyon Road. From Winnemucca Boulevard in Winnemucca, turn south onto Hanson Street, which turns into Water Canyon Road after 2 miles. Continue 2 miles on Water Canyon Road into the recreation area.

Visitors must use four-wheel-drive vehicles to travel past the main recreation area. Roads are only passable in dry weather and are snow-covered in winter months.

Facilities: 5/10

There are no actual facilities except for one pit toilet and a few kiosks. Water Canyon does offer up a multitude of activities including ATV trails, horse trails, bike trails, wildlife viewing, picnicking and of course camping which could help with a higher score.

Pet friendly: 7.5/10

We did not get to utilize the area to its full extent, but with the many trails and river access, it appears to be a great place for hiking (with or without a dog).

Overall rating: 71.6%*

It seemed to be a pretty good choice for our first night on the road as we fell asleep to the rushing water of the river, but sometime around midnight a truck drove by and honked. With the proximity to town and no charge for overnight camping; it appears that Water Canyon could be a heavily utilized area.  With the recent rains, the roads were quite muddy and even slick in areas. All in all it  was a fine spot to rest our heads for free.

*I don’t think we gave this place a fair shake.  Maybe sometime in the future we can try out the trails and give it a new rating.

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  1. Janice says:

    Good to hear from pikeypair again !

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