As we galloped across the salt flats

The torrential downpour on the drive through Salt Lake City took care of pretty much all the mud we acquired in Winnemucca, so that our rig looked halfway presentable to parents when we arrived in Albuquerque around 1:00 AM.  After a proper bath, Goldie and her new camper look like this:


Check out that beautiful Albuquerque sky! Goldie is carrying a Northstar 850 pop-up. This little ditty, despite the overhang, only weighs about 1,735 pounds (standard dry weight). While much, much smaller than the 5th wheel, it is all the space we need for a night or two or three out in the woods. The floor plan is below. We actually have a storage above the dinette and a double sink.

FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Website: Northstar campers

Plus truck bed campers keep the hitch available for towing things….


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One Response to As we galloped across the salt flats

  1. Janice says:

    Nice camper!

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