Oh Deer!

March 31 – April 1

Klamath Falls Micro-hotel

It was oh so dark on that lonely stretch of highway when a herd of deer suddenly crossed the highway. So what do you do when that happens? hit the brakes, of course! Except when you don’t have them..

Because Chris is the all-knowing car master, he knew how to drive a vehicle without brakes. Now who can do that?! I can’t. He can also limp a vehicle along with it leaking coolant BTW. But I digress. We knew that we wouldn’t make it to an Auto Zone before it closed, so while Chris carefully drove I called to secure a brake line. We coasted into a Klamath Falls Walmart, only to find out that they don’t allow overnight RV parking.  This is probably the ONLY Walmart in America to have such a rule. Luckily there was a Micro-hotel across the street with a fairly large parking lot.

The next morning while Chris, the fixer of the mechanical stuff*, took care of the brake line, I noticed the mast cradle on the Hobie was broken. Ugh..


I fixed it with a bunch of bungee cords, a towel and a board wrapped in carpet.  What do you think of my handy work?


Even Ally helped!


With that said, this unplanned stop in Klamath falls got us a shower and even a discounted pet room because the front desk person messed up. Even though we had planned to get back to Salem we decided to camp one more night to make up for staying in a hotel. Little did we know how hard it was going to be to find an open campground in Oregon this time of the year. How’s that for a run on sentence…

*Did anyone notice my reference to the movie Wild Wild West?

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