Oh the weather outside is frightful…

March 30 – 31

Great Basin National Park –

Lower Lehman Campground

West of Baker, Nevada (4.8 miles)

Website: Great Basin National Park

After leaving Goosenecks State Park we immediately hopped onto UT-261 the first of many roads not really suited for a trailer.  261 is a winding dirt road full of switchbacks that runs for roughly 34 miles. Wikipedia explains that UT-261 or “The Moki Dugway was constructed in 1958 by Texas Zinc, a mining company, to transport uranium ore from the “Happy Jack” mine in Fry Canyon to the processing mill in Mexican Hat. The State Road Commission added SR-261 to the state highway system in 1957, following its present alignment from SR-47 (now US-163) north of Mexican Hat to SR-95.[5]” We highly recommend The Moki Dugway because of its terrifying drop offs and fantastic views!

Our route to The Great Basin National Park took us through the Capitol Reef National Park. A place that even though it was quite busy, it was probably well worth a stop. Unfortunately we didn’t have time and promised ourselves that we would stop again someday.

By the time we got to Lower Lehman campground it had already begun to snow.  So we quickly found a site and paid our $12.00 fee.


A light dusting of snow on the evening of March 30 vs. the morning after.


I looked back at old posts and realized that my rating system wasn’t consistent.  So, I’ve decided to set a rubric and maybe re-rate each campsite.  Or at the very least use the new rating system starting in 2017. So, for now just visit the websites for the most up-to-date information.

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