On the Edge

After some overdue quality time with the family and some friends, we hitched up the boat and set off!  Apparently we brought the rain from Salem and left it there in Albuquerque. But check out that sky!IMG_1323 (1).JPG
March 29 – 30

Goosenecks State Park 

Northwest of Mexican Hat, Utah (8.3 miles)

Imagine yourself standing on the edge of 300 million years of geologic history. You can actually do that at Goosenecks State Park. Just look at the San Juan River snake through the desert!


When we pulled up, the park ranger joked that the boat launch was 1,000 feet down.

Website: Goosenecks State Park

Location: 10/10

You know what they say; location, location, location! The picture doesn’t do it justice, but they view was absolutely breathtaking.

Many of the roads in Utah are open range.  Watch out for cows!

Approximately 349 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.
25 miles west of Bluff along US 163, west on SR 261 (1.2 miles), then southwest on SR 316 (3.6 miles)

Facilities: 7.5/10

$5.00 dayuse fee per car with up to 8 people

$2.00 per person fee for bus tour groups

$10.00 per night per campsite. If no ranger on duty, pay at fee at the iron ranger.

Besides the kiosk and the entry booth, there is one pit toilet. Conditions are primitive to say the least. Six out of the eight campsites have a covered picnic table and some face the rim. The sites are flat and level.  If you prefer “boon-docking”, there is a road that will take you there.

Sometimes I feel like this section is subjective.  Some people might feel the need for showers and other amenities, but for us this was just fine.  We have a full propane tank and our camper is self contained.

Pet friendly:10/10

You can hike miles upon miles in any direction.  There isn’t any marked trails so beware.

Overall rating: 91.6%

If it were up to us, we would probably give Goosenecks an overall rating of  100%.  We are self contained so it makes it easy for us to park almost anywhere.

We are making this a permanent stop on our way from and possible to Albuquerque.  It is just over 5 hours from Albuquerque. On this trip we had the opportunity to hike a bit once we arrived. And who can beat $10.00 a night? I suppose free would beat it, but that $10.00 goes to maintaining the facilitates (roads, pit toilet, booth, etc.). We even got in a bit of a run along rim the next morning. What a view!


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