Snowed in!

April 1 – 2

Fortunately the night before last’s mishap gave us an opportunity to visit Crater  Lake.


The Hobie looks a bit out. of. place. in this parking lot.


Umpqua National Forest

Forest Rd 17

Initially the plan was to visit Crater lake and leave the park through the North entrance to hwy 138, but that part is closed in winter. So, we took hwy 62 west to hwy 230 north to meet up with hwy 138.  Hwy 138 was going to be our link to Forest Road 25-1-31 (Canton Creek) so we could stay at Dorena lake near Cottage Grove. We were able to move or drive around most hazards. There we were rolling along moving around this tree, that boulder, slushing through snow and then we came upon the ultimate hazard. IMG_1445.JPG

It was only about 500 feet in length and maybe 18 inches at its deepest.  The road appeared to be clear on the other side.  We decided to unhitch the Hobie and go for it not once but three times! No bueno! We drove back to hwy 138, picked up I-5 (BORING) and then turned right at Cottage Grove toward Dorena Lake.  IMG_1446.JPG

And guess what?! Dorena lake campground had a sign that said closed.  We decided to drive east on Row River Rd for 15 minutes.  Fifteen minutes came and went as we drove by potential campsite after potential campsite. We were actually having trouble finding a place to turn our rig around.  Eventually we came to a trailhead and turned around. At that point we thought that we would just push through and get back to Salem. Cottage Grove is only about an hour and half from Salem, but we were deep into the Umpqua National Forest at that point.  Before the turn around we noted two sites near the river that appeared to be long enough for our rig.   Camping near a water feature always adds a lovely ambiance, but this was the loudest river in the WORLD.  There is no hanging out talking by the campfire at this site or atleast this time of the year (snow melt?).


Bonus! We went for a 3 mile hike starting at Cedar Creek Campground (which was closed) to Brice Creek trail head.

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