What’s in a name…

I can’t change the domain name without making a brand new blog, but I’ve long since thought pikeypair didn’t fit our trio (The travels and adventures of Laura, Chris and Ally). So I thought about pikeytrio or the pikeythree, but I just couldn’t think of anything really catchy.  That is, until last night!  I think that I do my best thinking when I can’t sleep…except when I don’t remember the good idea the next morning. Have you ever tried to write something down in the dark, saying “yeah this is a great idea” and then can’t read your handwriting in the morning?!

Anyways, I’m unofficially changing pikeypair to DRUM ROLL PLEASE…..


Now I know that some of you are thinking “uhm doesn’t a pair squared equal four?” You are correct! Well people we are now a quartet.  This new addition weighs about 60 lbs has four legs and a tail. That’s right you guessed it- a dag! Everyone, meet Buddy Damus. (short for Nostradamus).


Here is Buddy at the dog shelter saying “pick me!”

He loved us and we loved him right from the start.  As as luck would have it so did Ally!


Like two peas in a pod


Buddy D. and Ally G. getting belly rubs

Buddy D. has settled in quite nicely as you can see. And that was only day 2.

The best dags are pound puppies. Don’t you agree?!

We are all ready for our next pikey adventure, maybe Memorial Day weekend.

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One Response to What’s in a name…

  1. Janice says:

    Pound puppies are the best !

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